2018 Non Roster Invite: David Thompson

David Thompson gets a non-roster invite for the Mets. The third basemen was drafted in the 2015 draft in the 4th round out of the University of Miami. After playing all of 2015 in Brooklyn, he split 2016 in Columbia and St. Lucie and followed that with a complete season last year in Binghamton and stint in the Arizona Fall League.

In Binghamton last year the now 24 year old slashed .263/.325/.429 over 529 PAs and .328/.371/.569 in 62 PAs in the AFL making his career line .261/.318/.415. The radical increase of his OBP from 2015 to 2016/17 (.268 vs .333/.325) is why I’m now paying attention to to Thompson. He seems to be getting more consistent as he plays longer. He was 1.3 years younger than the average AA player last year and half year older than the average AFL player last year to give some reference on his age.

Here’s the question for Thompson this year: does he hit at Triple A? He is going to really need to hit to stand out, especially with the Mets now having Frazier signed for two years + Cabrera/Flores to fall back on at the hot corner.

He’s an average prospect who has blossomed in the last couple of years, if he is going to make a move, it has to be now and spring would be a great time to show that he can play with higher level talent.

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