The 2018 New York Mets: Roles To Fill

As the Mets wind down their “fire” sale (in quotations because everyone traded/claimed so far off the team was in their last year of contract control) the Mets head into the off-season with some clear gaps in the roster.

The Mets so far have traded:

  • Addison Reed – Bullpen (Closer)
  • Lucas Duda – First Base
  • Curtis Granderson – Outfield
  • Jay Bruce – Outfield
  • Rene Rivera – Catcher
  • Neil Walker – Second Base

They could still trade Cabrera (who has an option for next year) as well. I see the Mets essentially doing one of two different solutions in the off-season. In addition to signing free agents / trading for Bullpen and Rotation depth, they should focus on either infield bat OR an outfield bat. We could (probably should) live in a world where the Mets can spend money on an infield bat, outfield bat, bullpen and rotation, but reality (and the team owners) stinks.


Outfield – Infield Solution 1: Focusing on CF

Let’s say the Mets make CF a priority in the off season and go get Cain. Cain makes the most sense for this team that hasn’t had a true CFer that can also hit above average for quite some time. This would make the outfield Cespedes-Cain-Conforto (Hey! Alliteration!). Second and Third base in this scenario becomes some combination / triple platoon of Flores/TJ Rivera/Cabrera. Offensively, I’m still holding out on the first two. All three (although I’m not sure so much on TJ) are a defensive liability. (Flores has made significant improvements though).

Outfield – Infield Solution 2: Focusing on 3B

In this solution the Mets go after Mike Moustakas. I’m not a fan of this solution as I’m not convinced at how much Moustakas, outside of his name, adds to this team against the money it would cost to bring him in (and the missed opportunity to bring in Cain to the outfield). Here the outfield would be come Conforto – Nimmo/Lagares – Cespedes. Then Cabrera and TJ would split time at 2nd with Flores getting scattered AB’s everywhere. Once again, I’m not a fan of this solution.

Outfield – Infield Solution 3: Only Focus on Pitchers

Yeah, I lied earlier, there is a third scenario, a default scenario, where the Mets don’t spend any money on their lineup. The outfield would look like what it does in the second solution, and the infield looks like the first solution. Here the Mets hopefully go bananas on relief pitching.


Finally, all of this gets thrown out the window if the Mets make a blockbuster trade with someone. This could look like trading Dom Smith + other talented players? (or maybe a starter?) for something (third base?) and then the Mets go into the much deeper first base free agent market. Who knows. I’m just trying to cope with my post-Curtis Granderson life.

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