Game Preview: Phillies vs Mets

The Mets will try to put it back together tonight as they have now dropped 4 games in a row after winning 5 games in a row. Wheeler was excellent last night allowing a solo homer to Herrera¬† in the first and shutting the game down from that point on through 5 innings, striking out 7 Phillies. The Mets scored two in the bottom frame of the first, and then did nothing for the rest of the game. Adding to the misery of Reyes’ batting woes, he dropped a popup that would have been the last out in the 8th and the Phillies would capitalize on that mistake to score the tying run and eventually the winning runs in extra innings.

The Mets will turn to Robert Gsellman to save them tonight who is 0-1 over 3 games and 2 starts allowing 11 ER and 13 hits over 10.2 innings. I have been at both of his starts this year (and will not be going to his start tonight). He got off to a rough start in Miami allowing a granslam in the 1st inning, settled down but then still found a way to allow four more Miami runs after the Mets gave him a 7-4 lead. Last year he managed to face the Phillies in 3 starts, even though he was called up towards the end of hte season, and he went 2-1 allowing 5 ER over 19.0 innings while striking out 20. The Phillies have the following numbers against him:

  • Altherr 1-7
  • Franco 2-8
  • Hernandez 2-9
  • Herrera 1-7
  • Galvis 3-8, 2B
  • Joseph 1-3
  • Rupp 2-2

The Mets bats will try to find themselves against Vince Velasquez who is 0-2 in as many starts this year allowing 9 ER over 9.0 innings and 10 hits while striking out 17. His last start was against the Mets and the Amazins were able to put up 5 ER over 5.0 innings and draw 4 walks. Our bats have the following numbers against Vince:

  • Cabrera 4-9, 2B
  • Cespedes 2-6, 2B, HR
  • Conforto 4-7, 2 HR
  • d’Arnaud 1-7 (He eats ice cream every night at midnight)
  • Duda 1-8
  • Granderson 0-4, 2 BB
  • Walker 1-7

Let’s Go Mets!


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