World Series Game 5 Preview: Royals vs Mets

The Mets need a win tonight as they go into an elimination game for the World Series. Last night the Mets let the game slip away after a poor 8th inning in pretty much every facet of baseball. That being said, the Mets just need to take this one day at a time and go after the Royals again tonight.

Matt Harvey will make his second start of the series. In the opener, he allowed 3 ER over 6.0 innings while striking out 2 (although you could make an argument about the first run really due to a misplay in the outfield on a well struck ball). Syndergaard usually learns from Harvey, but I’m hoping tonight that Harvey learned from Syndergaard about the importance of being yourself on the mound. So far in the post season Harvey has tossed 18.2 innings allowing 8 runs, 7 earned, a 3.38 ERA, while striking out 18 batters with 6 walks. The Royals have the following numbers against him:

  • Rios 1-5
  • Cain 1-3
  • Escoar 1-3, HR
  • Hosmer 0-1
  • Morales 0-3
  • Moustakas 1-3
  • Perez 1-3
  • Zobrist 1-3, 2B

The Mets bats will get another look at Edinson Volquez tonight. He had a very similar line to Harvey in game 1 allowing 6 hits, 3 ER over 6.0 innings while striking out 3. In the post-season he has pitched 22.2 innings over 4 starts allowing 11 ER (4.37 ERA) while walking 13 and striking out 18. When the Mets have been out their worst this series has been when they get themselves out quickly. A strength of this team all year has been working counts and making pitchers work. The Mets have the following numbers against Volquez:

  • Murphy 7-18, 2B
  • Wright 2-16
  • K Johnson 4-15, 2B
  • Cuddyer 4-11
  • Granderson 1-11, HR
  • Duda 4-11, 2B
  • Uribe 3-10, 2B
  • d’Arnaud 1-7
  • Lagares 3-8, 2B

Let’s Go Mets!

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