World Series Game 3 Preview: Royals vs Mets

The Mets bring the series home today after a rough start in Kansas City. After a 14 inning heartbreaker, the Mets could not get anything going against Cueto in Game 2, leading to a 2-0 series lead for Kansas City. While it’s easy to get down by this, the 1986 Mets were the same, losing the first game by 1 run and the second game by 6 runs. All it takes is a win and we’re back in this, so let’s do this!

Tonight Noah Syndergaard takes the mound. He’s 9-7 over 24 starts with a 3.24 ERA this season over 150.0 innings. In the post-season he has allowed 3 ER over 6.1 innings, pitched a scoreless/hitless inning of relief, and then allowed 1 ER over 5.2 innings against Chicago. He’s also won the heart of Pedro Martinez, and I forever have an image of him holding up the hammer yelling “THOOOORRRRRR” on those terrible TBS pre-game shows. Not surprisingly, Thor has never faced the Royals in a major league game and the only player he has seen in a major league game will not be batting tonight (Johnny Cueto 0-2, I mean I guess he could get an AB, but I really, really doubt it).

On the other side, the Mets bats draw Yordano Ventura who was 13-8 in the regular season over 28 games and 163.1 innings with a 4.08 ERA. His first post-season start this year lasted 2.0 innings as he allowed 3 ER over 2.0 innings. He then started game 4 of the ALDS and allowed 3 ER over 5.0. In game 2 against Toronto he allowed 3 ER over 5.1 and he finally had a good game in game 6 against Toronto allowing 1 ER over 5.1 innings. Ventura has never faced the Mets and the only Met that has seen him in a major league game is Cespedes who is 1-7 against him.

Let’s Go Mets!

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