World Series Game 1 Preview: Mets @ Royals

We are finally here! After a long time break, the Mets are back in action tonight in the World Series! We last left off in Chicago as the New York Mets swept the Cubs in a four game set, punching their ticket to a World Series for the first time since 2000. It took the Royals six games to beat the Blue Jays on the way to their berth, their last game coming on Friday.

Matt Harvey will get the start for the Mets. In the postseason he has pitched 12.2 innings allowing 4 ER, 5 overall while striking out 16. His last start was the better one allowing 2 ER over 7.2 innings in the NLCS opener. He probably benefited the most from the Mets four game sweep as he was scheduled to start game 5, despite taking a comeback straight in the triceps. Harvey has never faced the Royals before and only Alex Rios (1-3) has seen him in a major league game, so he’s an unknown arm to KC.

The Mets bats will get a look at Edinson Volquez tonight, who went 13-9 over 34 games, 33 starts over 200.1 innings for KC this year with a 3.55 ERA. He’s been a bit over the map this year in the postseason allowing 3 ER over 5 hits and 5.2 innings in first start, allowing no runs over 6.0 innings and 2 hits in his second start and allowing 5 ER over 3 hits and 5 innings in his last start. In every start this year he has walked 4 batters. In 2014 he faced the Mets twice going 1-0 over 11.0 innings allowing 2 ER over 12 hits while striking out 13. The Mets have the following numbers against Edinson:

  • Murphy 6-15, 2B, 3 BB
  • K Johnson 4-14, 2B, 3 BB
  • Wright 2-13, 3 BB
  • Cuddyer 4-11, 3 BB
  • Granderson 0-9, 3 BB
  • Duda 2-8, 3 BB
  • Lagares 3-8, 2B
  • Flores 1-3, 2B

Let’s Go Mets!

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