Spring Training Game 23: Mets Beat the Yankees, Offense Comes Back

The Mets and Yankees met again yesterday and the Mets won 7-2 behind some strong offense and timely pitching. In case you missed the game (where the WOR booth talked about buying legumes from Bed, Bath and Beyond) here are some highlights:

  • Lagares picked up two more hits including a homer and a double. If he hits a shade of what he is doing right now, think about how crucial he’ll be this season
  • Tejada cooled off a bit, going 0-4
  • Mayberry added two hits and another homer. Here’s hoping he’s closer to Scott Hairston for the Mets rather than Chris Young.
  • d’Arnaud smacked two hits
  • Reynolds added a double
  • Castellanos went 0-3 with 3 K’s…ouch.
  • Montero pitched 4.0 innings allowing one hit (a homer) while walking none and striking out 3
  • Gilmartin pitched 1.1 innings not allowing anything and striking out two batters

Montero is making things interesting for the Mets. It looks likes he has been tapped to join the major league roster and right now he looks to be a relief pitcher. However if he keeps pitching strong and someone falters, maybe he squeezes himself into the rotation.

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