Where Are They Now: Mets in Oakland

Oakland! An organization that four former Mets call home.

First is Scott Kazmir. Kazmir is coming off of his first strong season in quite some time. Most Mets fans know the story of Kazmir. The top prospect was traded essentially for Victor Zambrano which made very little sense at the time and still makes very little sense. Kazmir had a good start of his career in Tampa, stumbled towards the end of his time there, stumbled more with the Angels but is seeing a resurgence in Oakland.

Second is our recent friend Ike Davis, who was traded last season. After a interesting start to last season, where there were strong Ike supporters and dissenters (and his Dad also making a fuss about trade rumors), the Mets sent him to Pittsburgh. Duda ended up having a breakout year with the Mets and the Mets got Thorton/Taylor for the first basemen. Davis was DFA’d at the end of the season and Oakland picked him up. With their roster in a bit of flux, maybe he can squeeze himself in.

Third is Jason Pridie. The 31 year-old OF was a 5th/6th OF for the Mets when then got him off waivers from the Twins back in 2010. In 2011 the Mets ended up relying on Jason for 101 games with his .231/.309/.370 slash line. He has played in 15 major league games since then (9 for Philly, 4 for Baltimore, 2 for Colorado). He was signed as a free agent to the Athletics organization this off-season.

Finally there is Jefry Marte, a 23 year-old third basemen, who hasn’t broken into the majors yet. He was with the Mets from 2008 to 2012, starting at the age of 17. He ended up in Oakland as part of the Collin Cowgill trade that brought Collin to Queens.

This series of articles will take us across every organization in baseball and look for former Mets in the majors and minors to see how they are doing, leading up to a “Former Mets Team” to see how the current Mets stack up with pieces we have all over the place. I am still looking for Mets team members on the Pirates, Rangers, White Sox and Tigers. If you any, please let me know!

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