More On Jung-ho Kang

Jung-ho (Jeong-ho) Kang was posted today, which was expected. The posting period will end on Firday at 5 PM, so we can probably expect a limited amount of significant news until then as teams will deny interest until that point (as they should, it’s a blind, closed bid).

Throughout the day though, I came across some interesting Kang numbers that perpetuate the whole, “who knows if he’s going to be good in the MLB” feeling:

  • He went 2-9, HR in the WBC
  • In the 2014 Asian games, he was 5-11 with 2 HR
  • His KBL leading OPS of 1.198 was followed by Eric Thames who had an OPS of 1.110. This is the same Thames that bounced around the majors for a few years. It is dangerous to extrapolate Kang’s numbers from this point, but if you really wanted to you could do some transitive property analysis of the Majors to Thames to Kang to the Majors. This probably means nothing though.
  • He had a breakout year this year, but he’s been putting up power numbers consistently in the KBL for a while. It’s also the KBL.
  • He has won 4 Gold Gloves.
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