Peralta Likely to Sign with Cardinals, Mets Need to get Creative Fast

Peralta is close to a deal with the Cardinals, and it could put the Mets into a tough spot.

The 2014 off-season was pegged with two different characteristics at the start of the season. It was going to be important for the Mets and it was going to be a players market with limited players at key positions.

The positive point for the Mets though was Peralta. Peralta is coming off a PED suspension and Drew was on the shortstop market also. Peralta would then be the cheap option. As of 9:38 tonight, there are no details on the Peralta contract if he signs with the Cardinals but the Cardinals were not the team that offered 4 years, 52 million.

Personally, 4/52 would be my maximum for Peralta, but in an extreme case (ie. the Mets in a position to win in the next three years) I could stretch that in my mind to 4/60.


For the Mets, this puts them in a bind. If a player on PED’s can get 4/52, then Drew should be able to get a lot more than that. It also doesn’t help that McCann got a 5/85 today that can go up to 6/100 and players like Lincecum and Hudson got contracts well above what was expected. Therefore, Drew is probably out at shortstop for the Mets.

The Orioles dabbled with the idea of JJ Hardy earlier this offseason and asked about Davis. Here’s hoping the Mets can get creative with a Davis/Montero/Hope And a Prayer offer to land the shortstop.

At some point though, the Mets will need to overpay on a player to let the league know they are serious and not just a place for older players to stop for a season to test their abilities and then go to other teams.

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