Bautista to Phillies Trade Rumor (and Impact on the Mets)

Edit: Hosing the Fire. If you read this earlier you could probably sniff out my deep undertones of not believing the one source. A more reliable Jon Heyman has weighed in.



Original Post:

I woke up this morning twitter on fire a rumor that the Phillies are in serious talks to get Bautista from the Blue Jays.  A deal would include Dom. Brown and others.

This rumor from a Phillies reporter spread quickly. All articles about this possible trade, at least of 5:30 AM, are rooted from here. For example Bleacher Report, Canoe and theScore, all with different opinions on the weight of the rumor are based soley off of Eskin’s work.

Personally I will be a little surprised if Brown is the main centerpiece of the deal because it seems like the Blue Jays really need pitching (unless if the Blue Jays feel they can trade another piece of their team for pitching). Brown fits the profile of an MLB ready player, but I seriously doubt a deal can get done without a pitcher moving as well (and I’ll admit, I don’t know the Phillies system well enough to figure out who that young pitcher is).

To some degree, when it comes to the Blue Jays, my gut disagrees that pitching is what they are really looking for in a trade. My gut says that they are looking for a move that is going to retool their farm system that was demolished last season to give the team multiple ways to move this off season and some depth for next year. While that gut prediction works well for the Phillies and the trade rumor from last night, it also still holds well for the Mets that could put together a Duda/Davis with Montero and someone else deal for Bautista.

I’m curious to see how this shakes out today.

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One Response to Bautista to Phillies Trade Rumor (and Impact on the Mets)

  1. LouA says:

    knowing how RA operates, is Dom Brown done here?
    Why are they holding onto this GM? waiting for him to further destroy the team. Not much more damage he can do here after this one…36 years old??? they usually get rid of guys this old as proven previously

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