Matt Harvey is Out for 2014…Now What?

You know those moments in life when you are stuck between the decisions of something you really want to do vs. something you have to to do?

Matt Harvey had to make one of those decisions yesterday. He had the “choice” of doing a rehab throwing program, or having Tommy John, which would knock him out for 2014, but prevent re-injury in 2014 (and also does put the whole, “will he be the same pitcher” question into play).

I put choice in quotations because in reality, he, the Mets brass, and us all knew this really wasn’t a choice. It would be too easy to just rehab the tear back to strength. It would really be nice to live with the delusion that if he made a few starts in the fall league his arm wouldn’t re-tear by mid-June of next year. He had to get surgery. This is the common route for pitchers to go.

He is also getting surgery at a good time. If he had it back in August, there would be questions about him being able to rush the progress to get back by the end of 2014. He will be solidly out for all of 2014 meaning, with everything else going right, knock on wood, he will be ready for 2015.


But this leaves us with the question now what. Luckily for the Mets the end of the season wasn’t too bad in the starting pitcher department. The following looks to be solid:

– Jon Niese- Dillon Gee
– Zack Wheeler

(Unless they move one of the above for a powerful bat, which wouldn’t be too bad of an idea).

There is Syndegaard and Montero in the organization looking to move up late 2014/early 2015. After a horrible start Daisuke didn’t look terrible in his last month. Maybe they try to invite Harang back to spring training.

Or maybe the Mets look for a small 1-3 year deal on a mediocre pitcher while moving Gee or someone else to get another key player.


I’m not really sure what happens now that Harvey is out for the year. But I don’t think the 2014 season was resting all on Harvey. Originally it was resting on our depth of pitching talent, which is weakened now but not gone.

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