Who Wants To Be A Mets Outfielder? Part 0

Look, the Mets Outfield is the weakness this year. That’s not a shocker.

Luckily, with Spring Training games starting today, and by today I mean in a few minutes, we’ll start to get a look at who could possibly play and who could be a difference maker. Perhaps this OF won’t be as terrible as we think or comparably higher than our collective incredibly low expectations.

Without the extreme, which would be three OF’s hitting a homer every other game, it looks like the Mets will have at least one, possibly two platoons out on the roster this year.

Just by names reported in the news, the following is what I think the pole position for OF’s coming into day one:

1. Duda
2. Captain Kirk
3. Baxter
4. Cowgill
5. Byrd
6. Valdespin*
7. den Dekker
8. Brown
9. Lagares
10. Puello
11. Hoffman

In the first game, Duda, Kirk Byrd and Valdespin* (DH) will be getting the start. I’m excited to see how this goes! See you at the end of the game for the next part in this series tracking how our OF’s are doing.

*Could be a utility/backup IF this year.

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