Marlins Trade Their Entire Team: Are We Really Surprised?

In a headline that seems fake, the Marlins trade Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson, John Buck and Emilio Bonifacio for a set of players that seems to be changing every few minutes, so I’ll update that tomorrow.

After this summer’s salary dump between Los Angeles and Boston, I never thought we would see anything similar, but then this happened. Basically, if you were making money with the Marlins, you now play in Toronto. Or as my roommate eloquently put it, “How crazy would it be if you decided to play in Miami to be in Miami and then they told you suprise! You’re going to Toronto.”

Personally I’m excited about this trade because:

– Now the amount of times I have to type “Buehrle” is significantly decreased
– The Mets no longer have to face Josh Johnson
– I no longer feel guilty if I want to root for Reyes

On a serious note, this does change the landscape in baseball. Depending on what the Marlins get in return, this knocks their trajectory of success back to when the Mets should be successful (instead of the Mets rising while the Marlins age and are weighed down by costly contracts). Toronto becomes an instant contender. Jose Reyes is an upgrade and Josh Johnson, if healthy is an absolute steal. Plus if Buehrle doesn’t have to be ace or second ace of the staff, the team is completely rebuilt.

But honestly, this whole situation is hilarious.

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  1. hugo says:

    do you not want to be a exceptionally outstanding major league baseball player, or act the part

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