Spring Training Game 1: Torres, Harvey and Keith Hernandez

The Mets played their first Spring Training Game tonight which means its time to start tracking the players. The Mets came out of the gate literally running. They ran a lot tonight as they showed off speed on the base paths. Anyway let’s break down some performances:

Torres made a good impression in his first game, drawing a walk, getting a hit in one official AB, a stolen base and scoring a run off of a Murphy RBI hit. I’m not going to make my entire opinion about Torres off of one game, but this was a good way to start quieting his naysayers.

Rottino, who is a real outside shot of making this club, got off to a bad start tonight as he went 0-2 with two strikeouts. The main attribute that keeps Rottino relevant is the amount of positions he can play, including catcher. As it was for the offense, there wasn’t really much to write home about in this game.

The pitcher to watch in this game for the Mets was Harvey, because of who he is. Harvey had a great first inning. In his second inning, he got into a jam, but he was able to pitch his way out without allowing a run. In his two innings of work he allowed no hits, walked three batters and struck out one. He faced Harper in this game (Harper got the walk) and one has to think that this is the first of many times these two players will face each other at the “Major League Level” (if you can call it that in Spring).



The MVP of the game has to go to Keith Hernandez and the rest of the booth, who were all back to mid season form tonight. Some of the highlights include:

Gary: What did you do this winter?
Keith: I read all 7 Harry Potter books.

Keith: I’m surprised Kevin said Voldemort. He must not be named.

Keith: We may not believe in trickle down economics, but we believe in trickle down Santana

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