Relive The Mets “Glory Year”

Back again with two more gems from the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Shop. While going through their merchandise, I ran across these two items. With this hat and this shirt, you can remember the good times when the thought of a Mets dynasty in the NL East was a little less than a crazy pipe dream, Willie Randolph, a young David Wright and Jose Reyes, a 40 homer machine in Carlos Beltran, the rotating rotation, the hope for Oliver Perez, etc.

I think I’m just shocked that these still exist.
Especially the hat, back in 2006, the hat that was easiest to find was the one for the Division Series, and not the once that said Division Champs.

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  1. My first time seeing the Mets in person was in 2006 in Cincinnati. What a squad. Carlos Beltran, Delgado, Jose Valentin, Cliff Floyd, Heath Bell, Wright, Reyes. When did things go bad? lol.

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