Yorvit Torrealba Slammed With Suspension

When news from the winter leagues enters mainstream baseball coverage, you know its something big. A few days ago Yorvit got into an argument with an umpire. Events escalated and it ended with Yorvit butting hsi hands in the umpires face mask and striking him.

Since that altercation, Torrealbla has issued an apology statement while the Venezuela Baseball League issued a hefty, hefty suspension of 66 games.

This has nothing to do with the Mets, however Yorvit is one those names that was associated with the Mets due to the Minaya error when Omar was looking to (over)spend on a backup catcher.


Currently Yorvit Torrealba plays for the Texas Rangers (.273 BA, 7 HR in 2011) and is in the middle of a two year deal (worth around 6.25 million). In the VBL, he plays for the Caracas Lions.

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