Aaron Rowand Returns to the NL East

Aaron Rowand has started his path back the NL East as he just signed a minor league deal with the Miami Marlins.

(Just saying that if was a minor league deal he wanted, I would have totally done that)

Anyway, Rowand was cut last year by the Giants after hitting .233. He has one year left on his contract and the Giants still owe him 12 million for the upcoming season (minus the major league minimum of course). MLB Trade Rumors reports hat the last time he posted a positive WAR was back in 2009. Still, having a player in the minors like Rowand, that could come back to form at at any time, is a huge plus for the Marlins.

If he makes the team, and I don't really see where he fits, but lets say he needs to make a start somewhere on the field, he will receive a lot of lineup protection thanks to names like Reyes, Ramirez, Stanton, and so forth. If you recall, when he was with the Giants at first he was the center piece of their lineup. A lot of people credit his success in Philly to his protection from Rollins, Howard, etc.

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