The Mets Almost Traded Daniel Murphy Last Week

Reports that the Dodgers almost acquired Daniel Murphy during the Winter Meetings. A source told that they were close to a trade for Murphy, however the trade fell through when the Mets acquired what they needed in a full time position player in another trade. Most people (MLB Trade Rumors, Metsblog, other writers) are taking that to mean Andres Torres.

I really would like to know what the Mets would have gotten in return for Murphy from the Dodgers. I'm assuming they would have received a player similar to Andres Torres, although I don't know who that would be on the Dodgers roster. Out of pure speculation, and nothing more, maybe it was Tony Gwynn Jr. and other players. The other OF's seem to valuable on the Dodgers (also I will admit that I know very little about West Coast teams compared to East Coast teams).

Curiosity aside, if this trade would have happened, and the pieces weren't so good, I would probably be extremely depressed. If you read this blog regularly, you know that I have really enjoy Murphy's style of play and work ethic. My favorite shirt is my green Murphy shirt and when he got injured last year, my ability to watch more than 4 innings of Mets baseball declined sharply.

That being said, I understand that this is a business and if it makes good in 2014, which seems to be the goal, I understand.

The rumors are starting to circulate that the Dodgers are trying again for a deal with Murphy and that the Pirates, Blue Jays and Tigers have all shown interest. It was also reported that the Mets showed interest in the Tiger's Dirks, but since the Mets now have Torres, they probably do not need Dirks, so that trade no longer makes sense (unless if they go after him as at 4th OF, but in that case they will need more than Dirks in return for Murphy).

We'll see what happens….

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2 Responses to The Mets Almost Traded Daniel Murphy Last Week

  1. Anonymous says:

    Torres would make an excellent 4th OF if they can bring in someone better to start. Not worried there.
    Given a choice, bringing back in a C prospect (or of course a SP) would be best. They really need help there, and do have some CF options coming along in the minors.
    Murphy is a fun guy to watch, but if he has no position on the field, better to trade him (if the option is there) for a player that fills an actual need.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That's why I wasn't for the Dirks trade, because I see him as a 4th OF. If the Mets trade Murphy to the Tigers, I really hope they can get a piece different than Dirks, since he would, most likely, be lower on the depth chart than Torres.
    I do agree with you that if the Mets can get a back up catcher in a trade for Murphy, I would do that (however, the Mets would then have a hole at 2B)

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