Pre – Winter Meetings Jose Reyes Update (Update: Mets Out)

The Jose Reyes story to this point has changed a little today.

Early this morning, it looked like just the Mets and Marlins were in contention for Jose Reyes, with the Mets saying they would not guarantee more than 5 years and 80 million for the short stop.

Then. this afternoon, it was announced that the Brewers, who were thought to be out of the running, set up a meeting with Reyes's agents during the winter meetings.

However the more meaningful new news has come out tonight:

According to Enrique Rosa, the Marlins have offered Reyes a contract for 106 million over 6 years, plus a 22 million option for a seventh (and a 5 million buyout).

This, of course, is over the Mets thought to be offer in terms of years and money. However there is something else. There is no word yet about a no trade clause. The Mets would probably include one, as many of our free agent signings in the last half a decade have them. However, the Marlins have been not including them on their offers this year, which brings out shades of what they normally do, which is to win right now and then trade all of the pieces away and rebuild.

So the Marlins have the years and money in their side of the court, and the Mets have the security of being in New York and not being traded in theirs. To be fair, since I'm now including intangibles, the Marlins also have just signed a new closer and are looking to make more moves, so they have that in their court as well.

Well, I'm nervous now. And I'm also nervous that I'm nervous.

7:40 Update:

The Mets have essentially announced that barring a change of heart from Reyes, they are now out of the running for the short stop. I'll hold comments and further reporting until this is official (Alderson to speak later tonight)

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