Jose Reyes the Miami Marlin (Not So Fast)

According to SiriusXM radio, Jose Reyes is a Miami Marlin. The Florida, now Miami Marlins have been going strong for this past week for Jose.

It is worth this note though. Only this twitter from SiriusXM and Metsblog, via that same link, are saying that Jose has signed with the Marlins. All other sources, as of 4:32 on November 13th remain silent on the subject.

Update 4:48

No one else has come out in support of this.

I remain skeptical, not just because I am a Mets fan but Dino Costa of XM was the same person who reported that the Mets signed Matt Holliday.

Update 5:23

Hold Up:

Joe Capozzi Tweets that Jose has NOT signed with the Marlins. He is a Marlins beat writer.

Update 5:31


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