Philip Humber Released

According to MLB Trade Rumors, the Royals have released Philip Humber in order to make room for Jeff Francoeur on their 40 man roster.

Is your head swimming from that statement? It should because of all of the Mets connections.

I guess we can first track Francoeur here, because his history is easy. At one point in time he was seen as the career Brave, where he was going to write history and always rock the “A” on his cap. He was then traded to the Mets were he was quickly loved and hated simultaneously by Mets fans. After that he got to go to the World Series with the Rangers and has recently signed with the Royals.

On the other side there is Humber. Humber was a much hyped prospect in the Mets farm system around the same time as Pelfrey and Milledge. He was then packaged off to go to Minnesota for Santana, where he didn't really work out, and then eventually ended up with the Royals. As a Royal last year, statistically he wasn't too bad but he saw an extremely limited amount of innings as he recorded barely over 21 innings with a 4.05 ERA.

Now that he's free, and our team needs pitching, you have to wonder that maybe the system will go with what it knows and try to see if they can get Humber for cheap in the minors? It is possible, you know (whether its correct or not is another question).

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