Winter Meetings Monday Morning

The dust is just starting to settle over yesterday's bold move of the Nationals signing Jason Werth for 7 years at 18 million a season. I think Alderson said it best, “It makes some of our contracts look good” (Zing Omar, Zing Nationals). Anyway here are a few things to keep out for today:

According MLB Trade Rumors, the Nationals are still looking for another bat, and to move a bat. Their roster, with the exception of Werth and Zimmerman, is open to be traded and they would like to get something for Willingham before he walks next season (and those of you who read this website, you know my opinion about Willingham, as I see him as a major Mets killer, and would like him to be out of the division). Before this week is done, there is a possibility of the Nationals getting either Pavano or Pena.

Staying with the Nationals, they weren't able to get a deal worked out with Wang. If the price is right, I would pounce.

Lee will stay in Texas! If they offer him a 6th year.

Finally, Sandy says that the first day is crazy, but he is going to meet with agents, and it sounds like he expects to make moves later in the winter meetings, and they seem to be calculated moves.

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