Baseball Winter Meetings Preview 2010

It's time for the WInter Meetings, the time of the year when baseball execs get together and try to see what they can work out. There are all sorts of teams that go to the meetings. There are sellers (Padres this year, more on this later), buyers, rebuilders, and inactive. It looks like the Mets, from Sandy Alderson via Metsblog, will be looking to get some players this year, but cautiously, trying to make sure that the moves are smart, not long ranging, and allowing the Mets to be buyers in 2012. Here are some of the headlines for the Mets going into this winter meetings:

The Mets are looking to get some light starting pitching, a rebuilding project, for cheap to fill in some gaps. The hope of these projects is the same as anytime this happens, that the Mets will get a player in a low swing, and the player will be become a big deal.. Targets right now include Jeff Francis and Chris Young. Both are good choices and if the price is low and for one year, lets bring them both on.

The Relief pitching could be interesting for the Mets. They may try to get a closer in trade to not activate Krods 17.5 million dollar option, which would be a huge chunk of the change for 2012. Also the Mets have essentially lost Valdes, Takahashi, Feliciano and Nieve. The latter players will probably be replaced by cheaper options in January.

Finally the Mets could be making moves as well. Will there be a blockbuster trade for Grienke? Doubt it but its possible. Will Reyes be traded? Doubt it, its possible though. Will Castillo and Perez be traded? I wish. It should be an interesting week.

I think what is adding to the excitement of next week is it is still a mystery to what the Mets will look like next year and beyond. I'm curious to finally get an insight to Sandy's master plan.

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