Possible 2010 Mets Uniform Changes

Word on the street is that the Mets will have a new home uniform alternate next season. It seems like they are going to get rid of the classic pinstripes next season and replace them with a new set of classic pinstripes. The new ones are going to have a cream back drop, thin blue pinstripes (no black backdrop). What is nice about this possible uniform set is that they will be a shout out back to the Mets original uniforms except for two things:

1) The Mets uniforms were not cream color, believe it or not they were not cream, they were white.

2) Retro uniforms are great, I love them (because I love classic uniforms) but you have to go all the way to make them look right. That means if these are classic uniforms, they should not have the names on the back. Rumors suggest that they will have the names on the back of the jerseys.

In conclusion, I am really happy the Mets will focus on their classic pinstripe uniforms, becaue they are the best, if they are really going to do this right, they should be white and they should not have the names on their backs.

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