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The game preview for tonight is the same as the one posted yesterday for game 25. I wanted to briefly discuss though how I order the games by number, because there are two ways. Lets say that I was about to post last night's preview after they announced that the game was postponed. Well obviously I would not post it. However, when posting it today, I would still say its game 25, why?
Well technically thats incorrect and I have been doing that all year on purpose. The game tonight is really game 27, thanks to two rain-outs this season. The reason that I do not recognize the rain-out games is because I like to look at games in a row. A player might be in a streak games 13 to 20, and I would want to note that. Later in the season, when this game is made up, that simple statement can get bogged down by saying that a player was in a hot streak games 105-116 including game 26.
So be aware when the articles are titled here, the number is literally coming from the wins + the losses.

Like all things in life, there are exceptions to what was stated above. If a game gets suspended, when it is picked up again, it will be addressed by the number it was when the game was first played.

Also, I would like to welcome readers here from Mets Merized Online. Starting today, Game Preview posts from this site will be simulposted over on Mets Merized Online. I am now on their writing staff as well and I hope if you have not checked out their site yet, that you because it is a very exciting and informative place.
For those of you who are coming over from Mets Merized Online, welcome to 213 Miles From Shea! This site has been around since January 31, 2007 and covers all things Mets and all things baseball related!

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