Another New Ballpark

I like reading about new ballparks. To paraphrase Tim Kurkjian from Is This a Great Game, or What?, Baseball really sets itself apart from the other sports because every ballpark is substantially different from other ballparks, the field has different dimensions and people will actually travel to see the other parks. That really doesnt happen in the NBA and NFL.

Anyway, the Rays announced plans yesterday for a new stadium. Tropicanna is not that old, they have been playing there for 10 years. The new stadium opens up on the water, and through the graphics that have been released, very pleasing to the eye. It is open air with a retractable roof and feels like it has a sail theme, check it out on their site. is counting down the top 50 prospects now, with the top 10 still a secret, so far Fernando Martinez for the Mets has been ranked at #17.

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