The Wrong Time?

With the rumors surrounding Arod and the Mets, and Wright possibly moving to second then to first, its easy to see there is a lot of possibilties of what could happen. Here are just a few ideas. For the record, I still have not made a personal decision of whether or not I am for A-Rod or not.

Option 1: Arod comes to play third, Wright moves to second. My personal problem with this the lineup that this creates, there are so many potential four spot batters, Beltran, Wright, Arod, and Delgado. We all know in this situation Delgado would not be considered, Arod would get the fourth spot, Beltran 3rd and Wright 2nd. When Wright started to bat 3rd last year and Beltran 4th, it just felt like eveything fit better.

Option 2: Do not pursue A-Rod. Next year make sure to get Mark Texaria. This idea is the one I am most comfortable with. It allows the Mets to dedicate more money to the Catcher spot and pitching holes this winter. Then next season, when we don't have Delgado, it allows us to place Texaria at 1st base and plug him 5th into the lineup (which in '08 will most likly be held by Alou). In this situation, there is no messing with the development of current and future leaders.

Option 3: Get Arod, have him play at 3rd. Have Wright play at 2nd. Shop Delgado to another tam, maybe to one in the AL so he can DH. (I do not know anything about a no-trade clause in Delgado's contract, so to be on the safe side, I am going to say that this option is not available at this moment)

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