Game Preview: Phillies vs Mets

A day after the epic bat flip, the Mets won again beating the Phillies 10-5 escaping trouble a few times in the game to get another win. The Cardinals and the Giants both lost so the Mets are in sole possession of the top wild card spot, however the Mets are in an interesting place in terms of pitcher usage.

Originally Sydergaard was going to start tonight, but he has strep throat and won’t be able to go until Monday. So the Mets are going to turn to Sean Gilmartin to make his second start on the season. The Mets have been burning pitchers recently, adding 10 more pitchers used last night, and it is unclear how much they will get out of Gilmartin tonight. On the season he has pitched 13 games with 17.0 innings with a 4.76 ERA. He’s pitched 0.2 innings against the Phillies this year allowing a hit and a walk. The Phillies have the following numbers against Gilmartin:

  • Galvis 2-8
  • Herrera 2-6
  • Howard 0-4
  • Asche 0-4
  • Bourjos 0-2
  • Blanco 1-3
  • Ruf 1-3, HR

Alec Asher gets the nod for the Phillies. He’s 1-0 over his first 3 starts this year with 16.2 innings and a 2.16 ERA. The last time he faced the Mets was last year towards the end of the season, and it wasn’t a good day for him as he allowed 5 ER over 0.2 innings, not making it out of the first inning. The Mets have the following numbers against Alec:

  • Cespedes 0-0, BB
  • Conforto 1-1, HR
  • d’Arnaud 0-1
  • Duda 0-1
  • Granderson 1-1, 2B

Let’s Go Mets!

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