Pelfrey Gets By His Demons Thanks to an Omir-ical

The Mets beat the Marlins by the score of 2-1 in the 11th inning which means that they remain in first place and now have a four game winning streak. They also move to 3 wins and 4 losses so far against the Marlins this season. The reason this win is so remarkable for the Mets is because they not only “beat” a new pitcher (ok, West had their number the entire night except for the solo homer by Santos, so in reality this part wasn't a win for the Mets) but Pelfrey, who was terrible against the fish last year lasted 7.2 innings and allowed only one run, dropping his season ERA to 3.88,  and he only walked one while striking out 6. He has really been good as of late.

Now Pelfrey got his demons but the Mets still needed to win and that was thanks to Omir Santos who seems to only hit when this team needs him the most, but hey, thats what we need on this ball club. His homer in the 3rd provided one run and then he knocked in the winning run in the 11th, and in doing so, he raised his batting average to .276. The Mets really need this guy to stay around because he is a good hitter as well as a good catcher and the Mets made that happen today as they traded away Ramon Castro. I will be slightly sad to see Castro go as he has knocked in a surprising amount of homers for his AB but he has always been an injury risk and when it comes down to it, the Mets need Omir Santos more, a young catcher who not only calls a good game but frames pitches, runs, and gets key hits.

In other notes, Beltran made his return tonight going 0-4 at the plate and Wright also had a o-for day with and 0-5 performance. THe winnign run was scored by who else but Sheffield who has been in the middle of everything good for the Mets this month. With a win tomorrow, the Mets will take a series from the fish for the first time this season, which would be a very nice thing to do.

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