Excitement In Baltimore For Baseball

Wow it must feel like the 60's the mid 90's because right now their is a tremendous excitement about Baseball in Baltimore and it all comes in the form of Matt Wieters, the young minor league player of the year, form first round (fifth overall) pick who will be making his much anticipated debut in Baltimore tonight. Everyday sine his debut was announced, the papers have been covered in Oriole coverage. On facebook, all of my friends who are Orioles fans have status's related to Wieters and it really feels almost like a playoff game in Baltimore tonight as 10 (plus) years of frustrated fans look at Wieters as their hope.

Not too much pressure for a Major League Debut, right?

This is how losing and winning can affect a fan's psyche. We have been reading, watching, writing about Fmart for years now, but when he came up this week it was nothing like how when Wieters' arrival was announced simply because of the state of the franchises. The Mets have been much better over the last ten years than the Orioles. Going back to 99, the Mets have been in the playoffs three times and have a pennant. In the last two years they have been in it till basically the last day of the season. The Orioles the last few years are pretty much eliminated by August. I will not be able to make the game tonight, but I have a lot of friends that will be there, and I am very curious to hear about the energy in the stadium, because it could be something that Orioles fans haven't felt since, well probably 96 or 97.

I wonder what this means for the Nationals as their hopes could very well be pinned on Strasburg when he gets drafted. I heard today he might skip the minors (which I think is extreme and is the subject of another post for another day) but its always interesting to see how hopes can be pinned on these young players. It also makes you appreciate home grown talent like Wright and Reyes even more.

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