Mets Sweep, Murphy Plays Big, Fmart Makes Some Mistakes

The Mets got the sweep last night in really a bizarre game. Santana pitched 6 innings and over 120 pitches thanks to a 41 pitch inning. He walked a high amount of batters (6) but at the same time he also struck out 11 batters. He even walked in a run but he still battled back. Murphy hit a homer that was heavily disputed, and wasn't called a homer initially but it was reviewed and ruled a homer. Fmart made not a critical error but a bad mental error where he hit a pop up in front of the plate and just stared at it, and then got out on what would have been an error that would allow him to be on the bag.

Murphy had a big game as even though he had the disputed call, he also hit a key two run double at the end of the game that made the lead almost impossile to reach. Five RBI's was a carear high for him and it was a level of play the Mets needed out of him because right now between all of the injuries the Mets need different players to step up each night.

Through this all, the Mets have regained first place in the NL East and now have a nice 3 game winning streak and have won 5 of their last 6. When it comes to Fmart we have incredible expectations for this kid and he is going to make mistakes. I am trying to not be critical of him because of his age and his experience. This is a hot topic in Baltimore right now (not Fmart but managing expectations) with Matt Wieters starting play on Friday. Now the Mets have the challenge of continuing their winning ways against the Marlins this weekend. Lets Go Mets!

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