Why the 2009 NBA Finals Could Be Like the 2003 World Series

Now I don't know much about the NBA, mostly because when it comes to basketball I stick to my Terps and then remember that I am a baseball fan and it seems to be the only sport I truly understand. I have a feeling that the NBA finals are quickly becoming like the 2003 World Series. Lets go back in time and refresh ourselves with the 2003 ALCS and NLCS. For the ALCS, the series was between the Red Sox and the Yankees. This was before the 2004 and 2007 World Series Championship teams, and Boston was hungry for a championship. On the NLCS side, the series was between the Marlins and Cubs. Although the Cubs have really done nothing on the World Series since then but we all know Chicago is still waiting for those rings to come in the wind.

And as fans we all wanted to see the Red Sox play the Cubs. It would be sport story heaven. Two great teams playing each other and two cities that not just want but need a title (funny how a few years later really changes our opinion about Boston). Well we know how the story goes, those two teams didn't get to move on and the World Series really was the unwanted matchup of the Marlins and the Yankees, with the Marlins winning their second title in their short existance (then prompting a fire sale).

Well it looks like the NBA finals might go the same way as the Magic and the Nuggets might steal the show from the Lakers and the Cavs thus take it away from the LeBron and Kobe matchup we all might want. So the connection here is that we as the public really want to see a specific matchup and we dont get it, which is just the way Sports go. I don't know how strong of a connection it is between the 09 Finals and the 03 Series (depends on who actually gets to the Finals), but it was something I was thinking about during the afternoon commute and I thought I would share.

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