Here Comes The…Orioles?

You better believe it.

It seems that it will be sooner rather than later the Orioles will be good. Now the chances of them finishing at .500 might be slim this year but next year teams better watch out. If you need reason to believe it look at the Orioles lineup starting on Friday. Right now in the outfield the Orioles are fielding a strong, young group. The rightfielder should be an All-Star this year in the form of Nick Markakis. The centerfielder is young and is under the radar and his numbers are better than Markakis, of course I am talking about Adam Jones. He is going to be a superstar some day. Their left fielder made his debut recently and he is Nolan Reimold. When I was doing my research project about minor league baseball and its connections to its communities I saw Reimold play a few times and he would crush the ball way over the very high wall.

And on Friday they get to the other player I saw a lot last year, Matt Weiters. He is the real deal. This is with Huff, Mora among other players on the team. The lineup can hit and hit hard. The only thing that is keeping the Orioles from being good right now is pitching but that can change soon as well. Patton, the other major player in the Bedard deal (that brought Jones) is doing very well now and he should be coming up soon for the O's and really they will be in a position this offseason where they will have specific needs, not just general needs.

Things in Baltimore should get very interesting soon.

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