Fmart Reign Starts, Sheff continues to Cook, Livan goes the Distance

If you told me before this season that Livan Hernandez would be the first pitcher on this team to pitch a complete game, I would have laughed at you. In fact, I think anyone would have laughed at Livan making this team from the start but he made the team and he has been pretty effective. He did a good job slicing through this lineup and the Mets did a good job backing him up with runs. A lot of that is thanks to a late homer by Sheff, to really put this game out of reach for the Nationals. So far in May Sheff is hitting over .340 and it couldn't be a better situation for the Mets who are not only injuried but they have very little in the power in the lineup with a veteran precence. This was another situation that we probably didn't think we would be in at the start of the season, but we should be thankful for Sheff being here because he has become a crucual piece of the team.

The big story of the game was number 26, Fernando Martinez. He didn't get a hit in this game but he did get an RBI and he is fast. We have been wating for his arrival for a while and now we get to see what he has. This is the perfect time for youth energy on the squad as the team is dropping by flies due to injuries. Lets Go Mets! Lets get that sweep!

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