Opposing Pitcher, Matt Chico (again) and Saul Rivera

 Tonight the Mets will try their luck agaisnt Matt Chico again. They did well last time making him go 5.1 innings with 5 runs and a walk. The Walk is significant because that made four games for chico where he allowed only one walk. Before that he was walking eveybody all over the place.

The Mets for the most part this season have enjoyed success over Saul Rivera. After 1.2 scoreless innings agaisnt the Mets, the mets then scored 3 runs in 1 inning. 2 runs in one inning, and a run in an inning agaisnt him. Then last week, the Mets seemed to forget how to hit off of him. The Mets had back to back days where Saul went 0.2 innings, and over those 1.2 innings, he allowed 1 hit and that was it. We gotta remeber how to hit up on bullpens, especially when ours is so unstable.

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