Numbers Daily: Heilman

Heilman has gone through some ups and downs this year. Alrhough, especially after moments in 05 and 06, I had problems liking him, I really respect some of his recent numbers that he has been putting up.

the numbers in the ( ) are ERA, G, IP, SO

April (3.00, 10, 9.0, 5)
May (3.77, 14, 14.1, 9)
June (4.40, 13, 14.1, 12)
July (2.84, 15, 19.0, 15)
Aug (2.31, 12, 11.2, 8)
Sept(2.08, 9, 8.2, 7)*

*Does not include last nights game

So far in September he has allowed only 2 runs. The numbers say that he found his grove late June early July, and as the team flopped around for a while in July, late August, and recently in September, for the exception of a few moments, has not been that bad. (Granted his 2 runs this month came in a game that the Mets had some chance of winning, but  nobody is perfect.)

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