Game Preview: Cubs vs Mets

The Mets have a chance at a series win today!

Last night the Mets got another excellent start by Taijuan Walker and Pete Alonso provided all of the offense as the Mets won 3-2 over the Cubs. It looked like for a moment in the third it was going to be one of those games where the Mets would squander a great start. The Cubs went up 2-0 and the Mets bats were just not getting anything across the plate. Alonso smacked a 2-run single and later in the game would hit a sac fly with the bases loaded.

The most memorable part of the game came in the 9th inning. Willie Harris, of Mets Fans’ nightmares, inexplicably sent Jake Marisnick home as the tying run. He was nailed out at home plate and the Mets were able to close the game behind him.

The Mets will turn to deGrom today and we aren’t sure what more can be said about him. On the season he has pitched 64.0 innings over 10 games with a 0.56 ERA, 0.93 FIP, 0.531 WHIP and a 687 ERA+. He has 103 K’s on the year and has a career high in K/9 at 14.5 and K/BB at 12.88 (next closest is 5.85 back in 2018). He left Mets fans nervous in his last game, departing early with right flexor tendonitis but apparently has passed all of his tests and is raring to go tonight. He missed the Cubs when the Mets were in Chicago earlier this year, and the Cubs have the following numbers against him:

The Mets batters will face Robert Stock tonight, returning to the majors for the first time this year. He’s definitely a publicly approachable player – a quick search of his name on Twitter shows the 31-year old interacting fans, thanking many of them who were congratulating him on his call up today. He use MS Paint (I assume) to color over his Red Sox jersey in profile picture and apparently plays WoW – and he throws 100+ mph heat. (I guess a combination of Jerry Blevins, Trevor May and Miguel Castro). Last year he pitched in 10 games and 13.1 innings for the Red Sox with a 4.73 ERA, 3.34 FIP, 1.950 WHIP and a 102 ERA+. In 9 games, 2 starts, in Triple A this year he has tossed 19.2 innings with a 4.12 ERA and 1.068 WHIP. He had to join the rotation last week because it was completely emptied out and in two starts he has allowed 3 ER over 8.0 innings from 7 hits and no walks. Both times he went 4.0 innings which is unusual for him. A couple of Mets have seen him in the majors before:

Let’s Go Mets!

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