Game Preview: Red Sox vs Mets

The good news about last night: the pitching was great.

The bad news about last night: the hitting was not.

In what has become a common theme for the 2021 Mets, the pitching was on point last night and the Mets allowed only 2 runs over the whole game. Peterson battled and worked through innings, allowing only 2 runs over 7.0 innings and then the bullpen behind him looked great.

The hitters though. They would get hits and then couldn’t bring each other home. Or would get thrown out trying to stretch a single into a double. Or got caught stealing. And then when this is coupled with bad luck (like J.D. Davis hitting a missile, that got to J.D. Martinez in a hurry preventing a run from scoring), you get a low scoring game.

But it is deGrom day today! Jacob in his two starts actually has winning decisions, partially because of his own bat. He’s been hitting, scoring and driving in runs this year, just taking over the entire game. He’s off to a historic start for 2021. In his first four starts of the year and 29.0 innings pitched he has a 0.31 ERA (league leading), 0.84 FIP, 0.552 WHIP and a 1227 ERA+ (league leading). He is also leading the league in strikeouts (50), H/9 at 4.0 and K/9 at 15.5. The numbers are just really insane. In his one start against the Red Sox last year he allowed 2 runs from 3 hits and a walk in 6.0 innings. The Sox have the following numbers against him:

The Mets bats will look to not repeat last night against Nick Pivetta. In his first four starts of the year, Nick has pitched 20.2 innings with a 3.48 ERA, 4.00 FIP, 1.355 WHIP, and 124 ERA+. He’s coming off of a solid start against the Mariners where he allowed 2 runs over 6.0 innings from a a hit and three walks. Despite playing for the Phillies and the Red Sox last season, he missed the Mets but in 2019 he pitched against the Mets over 3 games and 11.2 innings with a 5.40 ERA from 7 runs that were the product of 16 hits and 7 walks. The Mets have the following numbers against Nick:

Let’s Go Mets!

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