Todd Frazier BP Pullover Promo (that the Mets Messed Up) Rises Again

Hey everyone! Remember last year when the Mets gave out a Todd Frazier Batting Practice Pullover but at last minute pulled the giveaway away because of a Quality Control issue?

Then they shipped with these comically large NY patches on the sleeves?

And then we flipped the sleeves inside out and noticed that the quality control issue was on the original pullover, the NY on the sleeve was printed backwards, covered up by the patch?

Well if you don’t remember this, you can catch up here.

Well it looks like the pullovers have surfaced again as a promo for the Kingsport Mets, the rookie level minor league club for the Mets:

The Kingsport Mets are giving away 300 of these pullovers according to their website today. They don’t explicitly say that these are the same pullovers but that patch and the Nikon logo are very similar. If we see pictures tonight and they have the 21 on the back then we will know for sure!

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2 Responses to Todd Frazier BP Pullover Promo (that the Mets Messed Up) Rises Again

  1. Dale Berry says:

    Glad you posted this. We were at the Kingsport game last night and got the pullover. We were all wondering why the patch was so big and the number 21 was on the back. Go to my Facebook page and you can see them. Dale Berry Kingsport

    • Elliot Teichman says:

      Thank you for confirming that there was a #21 on the back! I’ve been looking at Twitter the last couple of days and couldn’t see the back of the shirt.

      I think your comment proves it – these are the leftover Frazier BP Pullovers.

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