Reviewing Baseball America’s 2018 Top 30 Mets Prospects: #22 Quinn Brodey

The Mets drafted Brodey in the third round of 2017 as an outfielder (he was a two-way player in college). Coming into 2017 Brodey needed to develop, something. “If Brodey fails to develop a plus tool, as some scouts project, he could be an outfield tweener who doesn’t defend well enough for center or produce enough power for a corner.” (Baseball America) The Mets already have plenty in the latter category and don’t have enough that can stay healthy in the former.

Despite struggling to show power in Brooklyn in 2017 (.257/.303/.348) over 210 AB’s he took a minor step up in the power department in Columbia over 35 AB’s to close the season (.229/.300/.400).

Last season he split time between Columbia and St Lucie. In Columbia he was 0.7 years above the average age and in 314 ABs he hit .217/.287/.387, a slight step back but then he played 102 AB’s at St Lucie, where he was below the average age for the league and hit a better .245/.313/.382.

Ultimately Brodey hasn’t taken that significant step yet as he heads into 2019 where he will be 23 years old. He will most likely start the year at St Lucie where he will be slightly above the average age. If something clicks, if he finds some power, or develops a better instinct to the ball, maybe he finds himself in double A and being discussed more prospect blogs. He still has “unlocked, solid-average power” (Baseball America), maybe it finally comes out!

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