Is 2014 The Mets Year?

Short Answer: Probably Not.

Longer Answer: Why Not?

There have been some surprising teams over the last few seasons and the Mets could be one of them this year if the following happens. (Warning to pessimists, this is the most optimistic post I write all year. I forget reason in this post and I know it is nearly impossible for everything to go the right way. If you are going to point out how impossible this is, well I agree with you).

What needs to happen for the Mets to reach 90 wins?

  • Curtis Granderson needs to not only be productive but provide protection to David Wright
  • Ike Davis needs to be a shade of his 2012 second half self. 32 homers would be nice, 20 or so with some consistent hitting would be plenty
  • Chris Young needs a bounce back year. It happened with Byrd last year and Capuano not too long ago. Maybe the Mets can do it again.
  • Terry needs to start Lagares
  • Tejada needs to be a shade of his 2012 self. Doesn’t need to be as good but just some portion of it
  • Colon is hopefully close to his production last year
  • Wheeler just needs to be Wheeler
  • Gee needs to be Gee
  • It’s time for Mejia to step up!
  • Syndergaard has a great rookie year
  • Lagares Needs to start #OnThisListTwice
  • d’Arnaud should start to improve
  • The bullpen needs to be reliable

The Phillies are fading in the division and the Braves have taken some injury hits. The Marlins are emerging this year and the Nationals are still strong. If the Mets could beat the Phillies for most of the season and stay competitive with the Marlins and Braves (and beat out of conference teams) then the Mets haveĀ  shot. A lot of things do need to go right for the Mets.

If the Mets can have an offense this year that is respectable, and rotation that projects near to where it should be, they could make a run at the wild card. #StartLagares

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One Response to Is 2014 The Mets Year?

  1. mikeb says:

    I like it but I disagree with a few items IMO, Ike is done and they need to realize that quickly and move on. As you mention the BP needs to be reliable.Cant be like what we just saw in Montreal. This is where I really see potential problems but we do have lots of arms that can step up so am hopeful. On Grandy I am not so optimistic. His last two years were worse than Bay’s in Boston, so I’m just looking for .240 and 25 hrs, but that may be a stretch. Still, with the starting staff and a reliable BP, we can compete. I am very optimistic on Lagares and also d’Arnaud. He did hit 3hr’s in 47 AB’s in ST.

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