The Optimistic and Pessimistic Mets Fan Watch Spring Training Game 9

The Mets played the Tigers yesterday. However if you didn’t live in the Detroit area or have MLB Gameday Audio, you would have no idea that this occurred. Anyway, Syndergaard had start number 2, deGrom continued to show promise and the Mets improved their Spring Record to 3-5-1.

The Optimistic Mets Fan Saw:

  • deGrom pitch another two innings without allowing a run. He allowed a hit and a walk that was it.
  • Kolarek, Carreno, Walters and German all pitch no runs, one inning outings. Walters got the win and German the save.
  • Lagares 2-3, R
  • Clark with 2 RBI’s to win it for the Mets in the ninth

The Pessimistc Mets Fan Saw:

  • that Thor is human. Syndergaard is still working on control which is why he will be a mid-season call up and not break camp with the team. This is to be expected and not really a big deal
  • Omar 0-3
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