Mets Hot Stove 2013/14: Arroyo and Price

Two developing stories could impact the Mets off-season plans.

With Harvey down, the Mets are in the market for a veteran pitcher because any internal options for the Mets would involve rookies. While rookies are great for 2015, they could use a guiding voice in 2014 and the Mets could use some additional help in 2014 if they want to be a surprise contender. Anyway Arroyo reported yesterday that he doesn’t expect to receive a qualifying offer. If he had such an offer from the Reds, then that means negotiations with him would have to start at 14 million, or 13 a year for two years. He will still cost a chunk of change but this drastically drops his leverage (which in my opinion would be a huge overvalue).


Rumors are also swirling that the Rays will try to move Price this off-season. The Mets are not in the market for Price, and would have to give up way too much to potentially get him (and that’s with me over valuing our own prospects). With the price for Price so high, that could make the Mets look like a more reasonable option to work with for a trade.

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