Silva vs Lohse vs Blanton

Earlier this offseason, I took a look at Harens numbers vs Bedard and Santana. Now I am going to do the same thing with three players that at this point in time, the Mets have a better chance of getting.

In 2007 Carlos Silva went 13-14 pitching 202.0 IP striking out 89, walking 36, and putting up a 4.19 ERA with a 1.312 WHIP. Key points for Silva include his innings pitched, his ERA and WHIP last year were better than his carear average, and as many have pointed out before being average or slightly above average in the American League will be beneficial for pitching in the pitcher friendly national league and more specifically in the pitcher friendly Shea Stadium.

Lohse out of the three would be the one the one that I would not want on the team. He will be 29 next year like Silva but he falls short in a few areas the Mets need. Most importantly he has only suprassed 200 IP once. Last year he want 9-12 pitching 192.2 IP, with 122 SO, 57 BB, with a 4.62 ERA and a 1.370 WHIP. Althouh he struck out more hitters than Silva, his K to BB ration is less than Silva. Silva put up a 2.472 K to BB ratio last season while Lohse put up a 2.140 K to BB ratio.

Blanton, the youngest of the bunch, will be 27 next season. Last year he pitched 230 IP, with a 3.95 ERA, 140 K, 44 BB, and a 1.217 WHIP. Out of the three, he has the best K to BB ratio (3.182), IP, ERA, WHIP, etc. His innings pitches is very appealing, 230 innings in one season, especially at the age of 26, is really something special. His ERA might be higher than what we were looking at towards the beginning of the offseason, but his numbers will be helped by pitching in the national league and at shea stadium. 

Blanton should be the number one choice here. Silva is already in contract talks in a few teams. The door is not completly shut yet on Bedard and Santana as well. Blanton would be a nice fit.  

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