Afterthoughts Tejada

I am pretty busy today, but I just wanted to jot down a few notes on my thoughts on this trade:

Well as you know by new, the Astros got Tejada and they gave up a 29 year old Luke Scott who plays infield and right field and then 4 prospect pitchers.

What I see this as is Luke playing in the infiled (Markakis has right) and now the Orioles will be looking for new OF. THis is good news to the Dodgers, and possibly the Mets because they both have OF the Orioles could have interest in. I'll try comment more on this tommorow.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree that the deal A) helps the Orioles fill ALOT of gaps in their farm system and B) makes it better for the Mets and Dodgers to make a deal for Bedard (and maybe some relief help). Luke Scott's a pretty good player, and I think he'll fit well with the O's. The slew of pitching prospects they got was basically “well, we'll throw them against a wall and see if any sticks”.
    Mets could probably entice them with a deal of Gomez, Humber or Pelfrey, and another minor leaguer (A-Hern? Gotay?) for Bedard. Dodgers have a shot, but they really don't want to trade Kemp or Ethier (and I think they shouldn't, too).
    Dodgers should be more concerned with developing Martin and Kemp, and potentially bringing in a power bat or two. They've addressed some of that by bringing in Andruw Jones, who should hit better than he did this year. Bedard would be wasted with their weak power hitting lineup.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I def. agree. Since the Dodgers brought in Torre and Torre's crew it sent a message that they wanted their youth with raw talent to be trained by some of the best. I could also see the Orioles interested in A-Hern or Gotay due to their gaps in the infield (without Tejada they would have to put Luke Scott at SS and platoon him with Fahey while Scott also plays the OF). The Orioles are also looking to dump Mora, although I dont think anyone would take him. A-Hern/Gomez(or FMart)/Pelfy(Humber)/Heilman probably could pry away Bedard later in the offseason

  3. Anonymous says:

    I didn't even think about A-Hearn/Gotay for the O's infield, but that does make sense. A-Hearn's got insane defense and Gotay can hit. The O's probably could use them. Bedard probably could be had for A-Hearn/Gotay/Pelfrey (or Humber). Mets might even get to keep Carlos Gomez!

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