The Red Machine

In November when I read that the Reds had  signed Cordero, I was thinking why would they do that? They are not going anywhere, and Cordero is a peice that many teams would need.

Then I started to hear some rumors last night on that allows this all to make sense. The Reds are tryng to get Bedard as well, and they do have a lot of young talent, like Homer Baily, that the Orioles would be interested in. When you think about it, Arroyo and Hanrang are not bad starting pitchers, and they both would benefit from Bedard's prescense.

Then, I remebered that they also brougtht in new management this year in the form of Dusty Baker. Their offense is already explosive in terms of power. I do not think the team as is with Bedard would get the Reds in a wildcard position but if they got Bedard this offseason, and added to their arms in bullpen and in the rotation next offseason, we could be looking at a wild card contender in 2009. (that would assume though that their offense stays as explosive as it is. Griffy and Dunn are aging, so there will be decline. Being contenders in 09 will be rough but it is possible)

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