Bergman (Tonight's opposing Pitcher)

For the sake of the season, like every game the past week and for next week, it is imperative that the Mets figure out the starting pitcher for the opposing team.

Bergman has had one start agaisnt the Mets, April 29th, where he went 7 innings, allowed 1 run, and took the loss. Bergman in his last start allowed 2 runs over 6.0 innings, and in the start before that, he allowed 4 runs in 6.2 innings. His September ERA is 3.51. Other stats to note is that in 25.2 innings pitiched in September, he has walked 8, which is matched with a Strikeout total of 25. The only other month he has more innings pitched is April, where he had 29 innings pitched, and after tonight, unless he gets knocked out early, he should surpass that.

Going back to that start agaisnt the Mets earlier this season, The Mets had 2 hits agaisnt Bergman. When looking at 2006 stats agianst Bergamn, There are no real standouts agaisnt him. Beltran over his last 6 AB agaisnt him does have 3 hits, a single, triple and a homer.


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