NL Wild Card

Im trying to keep myself sane right now after seeing that game last night with a bunch of national fans. Anyway, lets look at the Wild Card and scheduels with that.

San Diego is 1.5 up on the Phils and 3.0 up on the Dodgers.

The Padres have 3 more games with Pit, 3 with Colorado, 3 with San Fran, and 4 with Millawaki
The Phils have 2 more with STL, 7 with Washington, and 3 with the Braves
The dodgers have 6 vs Col, 3 vs ARI, and 3 vs San Fran

Its very obvious that the Dodgers have the hardest remaining scheduel out of the three. The Padres main problem will be the Rockies and for the Phils, their main problem will be the Braves.

If we were talking about 3 weeks ago, I would say that the Phils would have a lot of problems with the rising Cardnals, But the red birds right now are in a tailspin worse than the Mets. (Eventhough they almost came back to win it last night.)

Back to the dodgers, they Play arizona at arizona, which is even worse for LA, because the Dbacks are 38-37 on the Road, and a lot better at home.

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