2019 Mets Non-Roster Invitee Preview: Tim Tebow

For the last several weeks we have been methodically moving through the Mets non-roster invitee list alphabetically by position and we are finally at the last one (unless the Mets make another signing which is totally possible but will ruin the next sentence). There’s something awfully poetic with the last article being Tim Tebow.

He seemed like a joke signing a few years ago, and still is not exactly a prospect, but the Mets have brought players into camp this year and in years past with worse numbers then Tebow. He’s really good for the media, fans like him and although I’ve made fun of him a lot of the years, he’s a really nice guy trying really hard and I feel bad about making jokes.

I’ve seen him play twice now in the minors (with the Fireflies and last year with the Rumble Ponies). I’ll probably see him again this season too. I go to a lot of minor league games and I didn’t want to admit this years ago but, he makes minor league baseball games more fun. More people come out to the ballpark, people are into watching him play. He’s good for baseball.

But will he be good for the Mets?

Or will he see playing time with the Mets?

Last year, before he broke his hand, the answer was yeah, and probably in September 2018. The Mets were doing so bad and Tebow was doing so well that it just seemed like a collision course. Now with the Mets revamping their roster, it’s less likely we’ll see Tebow in Queens this year but you never know. If the NL gets a DH in 2020 then really anything is possible.

2016 Minors (AFL): 71 PA, .194/.296/.242
2017 Minors: 486 PA, .226/.309/.347
2018 Minors: 298 PA, .273/.336/.399

Tebow was legitimately an Eastern League All-Star last year, something I didn’t think possible back in 2016. Depending on how other players stay or leave the organization by the end of Spring, Tebow will start either back in Binghamton or in Syracuse (putting him in Syracuse could be a huge draw for their new branding).

Tebow makes baseball more fun.

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